Electronics Time Limit

Lately I’m getting nasty headaches all the time. This could be caused by certain special foods I’m eating. Or it could be caused by staring at my iPad screen for long periods of time while playing games. I wonder if staring at the computer screen while I write could be included in that statement? Probably.

The headaches are usually centered behind my eyeballs so it could be that my eyes are super dry; that would explain why my eyes themselves hurt. I get dry eyes from staring at computer screens. Maybe having the tv on all the time could be to blame as well.

So my diet is going to undergo a change to see if that helps and all electronics are going to be cut back to about 2 hours every day. This mainly goes for my son because he watches too much tv and plays on the iPad too much. All electronics stay off in the morning and evening. While I work for 2 hours in the afternoon, Jacob can watch tv and play on the iPad. After 2 hours I have to stop working and then all electronics will be once more turned off.

This will suck. But hopefully not for long. He needs extra help with certain things anyway so I’ll be able to sit down with him and work through these issues. Hopefully it won’t take long for him to make progress. I have mad skillz at understanding him as a child and discussing things with him till we understand each other. At least, my skills are probably the same as any other parent’s but my husband has none so he thinks I’m amazingly talented at it. And I think I am too.

I’m very humble. Can you tell?


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