No Ideas

There are plenty of things I could write about today but I can’t form any concrete ideas on them. I guess I have blogging writer’s block. That…kind of sounds silly.

Due to the curve balls life has been throwing at me recently, my brain is completely fried. The only bit of writing-related work I’ve gotten done lately is some beta reading for a friend and some proofreading for my husband. He’s a scientist who’s currently working on soil replanting diseases in connection with apples. His papers are beyond boring. I wish I didn’t have to read them but my style of living is kind of affected by how many papers he can get published and how good a job he can get. It’s a sad truth but a truth nonetheless.

To show how fried my brain has become, I don’t even read a whole lot these days. I have a Nora Roberts book that I was waiting about a month to get from the library but I have yet to even open it because I wanted to finish my current Poirot novel. Except I’m reading so slowly that I’m barely making any progress. I get maybe a chapter at a time before my eyes get too tired and I stop. Why doesn’t the library have any audiobooks for Poirot? It’d be much easier to just listen to it.


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