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The Life of a Writer: Reality Vs Fiction

My favorite author is Richard Castle despite the fact that I haven’t read a single one of his books. I’m in the process of correcting that with “Naked Heat” and, while I’m not sure if I would normally read a … Continue reading

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Various Fitness Magazines

My life is filled with family, fitness, and writing though not necessarily in that order. What better way to connect two parts of my life than by delving into writing for fitness magazines? Am I endeavoring to write for any? … Continue reading

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Travel and Experience Vs Imagination

What do you do if you’re writing a story that’s based in a place you’ve never been? I guess you could just make up a place – a town that doesn’t actually exist or (with fantasy) a world that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a great way to get new ideas for stories. They can widen your horizons and help you break out of your box. There are times when I’m feeling brave and will try new kinds of writing. Genres … Continue reading

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Misspelled Words

I am not a grammar or spelling nazi, though some people would claim otherwise. Mostly with them I enjoy annoying them so I do it on purpose. But there are certain spelling/grammar mistakes I sigh when I see/hear. It’s not … Continue reading

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Editing Suuuuucks!

Like a vacuum cleaner! I’ve finally gotten my butt in gear and started editing my manuscript again. I wanted to read over the first two chapters again and edit a printed copy but I wasn’t making any progress with that … Continue reading

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Writing Contests

Tiffany Luckey along with Ophelia Thomas spent an untold amount of time combing through the thousands of websites submitted by writers all over the world this year in order to find the best ones. The results of their efforts have … Continue reading

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