Lessons For Everyone Wanting to be a Writer

Since I mentioned Stephen King as the writer ideal in my last post on the realities of the life of a writer, I figured I’d now post something I found on Pinterest.

The picture is self-explanatory – it lists 13 lessons that we as writers need to learn to survive (even if only mentally).


Just imagine a writer who didn’t read a lot. What do you think their grammar and spelling would be like? Painful to read I imagine (and this isn’t the grammar Nazi in me speaking).

There’s not much to this post. I just wanted to give those lessons to everyone and to also give a little encouragement. Goodness knows we all need it most days.


One more, I promise!


Good luck with your own writing endeavors!

What do you that helps when you’re stuck in your story? Which is the harder step: starting or continuing?


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