Writing Goals and Scenes to Include in Stories


Hahaha! Yeah, sometimes it makes me lonely when even the people in my head aren’t talking to me. Editing prevents this from happening though because I re-read at least a couple paragraphs leading up to the spot I’m working on before I start working.

I don’t even remember how often I’ve revised my book. Every run through has me taking out and adding scenes as I realize what does and doesn’t work. Hopefully it won’t take this long the next time around but I have a sinking feeling it always will.


You know how in a previous post I said I needed to re-prioritize my life because things had gotten crazy? I sat down and made a loose schedule to fit everything in and life is flowing more evenly now. I found an interesting picture on Pinterest the other day that coincides nicely with that idea. Looks like it comes from 2013 Write Market Design.


I never bothered to make such detailed goals for my writing before but I may try these goals next time I start a book (if I ever finish editing this one that is).

My current editing goals are pretty simple:


  • edit at least 15-30 minutes


  • blog 4 times (2x for each)
  • edit one chapter

Any more complicated and I’d probably slack off within a couple days.

What writing goals do you have? Do you keep it simple and general or narrow it down to each particular step?


2 thoughts on “Writing Goals and Scenes to Include in Stories

  1. bfostrickson

    I keep it simple, and do what I can when I feel like it. I write for me, I edit for me, and I submit for me. When I start setting too many goals or quotas, I feel like I am writing for someone else who doesn’t even know it yet.

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