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Library Speaker – Marissa Meyer

I’m excited to say that at 7:30pm on 4/30/14 Marissa Meyer, author of The Lunar Chronicles, is coming to Wenatchee, WA to speak at my local library!

Meyer is from Tacoma, WA and lives with her husband and 3 cats. Her first novel, Cinder, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list. Her subsequent novels, Scarlet and Cress, have done the same.

The Lunar Chronicles is set to be a Young Adult quartet with the 4th book, Winter, coming out sometime in 2015.

Meyer has taken fairy tales and warped them in a wonderfully original way. The descriptions may sound weird and a bit on the dumb side but if you enjoy fairy tales and young adult books, then I believe I can say in all safety that you’ll enjoy these books. The chapters are on the short side and the writing is simple yet descriptive and strong – all of this makes for a fast read.

Meyer has a knack for writing. The way she builds the world of her stories, her pacing, her descriptions – I wouldn’t ask for more. In fact, I was worried that I was reading Scarlet too slowly and wouldn’t be able to finish in time (started it late) for Meyer’s visit but the pacing was smooth and kept me reading till I hit the serious action toward the end.

I didn’t even realize I was nearing the end when I was bombarded with action. It wasn’t a bad bombardment. It was the kind that kept me glued to the book despite the ever-increasing lateness of the hour and my husband asking me at regular intervals if I was going to bed soon. My answer was always, “I have 2 pages left of this chapter.”

Inevitably when I reached the chapter’s end I would keep reading because the ending drew me onward. It was irresistible.

Finally I found the willpower to drag myself away and go to bed but I didn’t want to. And actually when I stopped the first time my husband had gotten glued to the first Lord of the Rings movie so I pounced on the book to devour more before bedtime. I would’ve kept reading but I had to wake up early this morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACinder – Set in a futuristic world some years after World War 4, Earth has advanced in a humungous way with technology. Androids abound, cyborgs are second-class citizens, people have ID chips embedded in their wrist, a plague is wiping people out, and the moon has been colonized. The moon colony, however, has evolved into something not quite human and are now called Lunars.

The evil Lunar queen, Queen Levana, is the villain throughout all books. Don’t remember her in Cinderella? That’s because she wasn’t there! Queen Levana is the evil queen from Snow White.

Imagine the story of Cinderella and you have this book’s basic plot. But now we’ll add in the fact that Cinder lives in the Eastern Commonwealth (China), is a gifted mechanic, a cyborg, and has a mysterious past. That’s all I can say without giving away spoilers.

Bonus features included in this book are a short story about Cinder, Q&A with Marissa Meyer, a reader’s guide, and a sneak peak of Scarlet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScarlet – Same world, continued. Now we’re dealing with Little Red Riding Hood…except Scarlet is a farmer and lives with her grandmother in France. Until her grandmother is kidnapped that is and Scarlet, along with a street fighter who goes by the name of Wolf, has to fight to survive while she searches for her. This book flits in regular intervals between Cinder and Scarlet’s stories until they collide at the end.

Prince Kai retains some time in the sun but not nearly as much as our heroines as the story doesn’t evolve around him. His POV helps us keep tabs on Queen Levana among other things.

Bonus features included in this book are a short story about Wolf, a reader’s guide, Q&A with Marissa Meyer, and a sneak peak of Cress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACress – We’ve entered into Rapunzel’s story here but, like with the previous two fairy tales, there is a huge twist. Cress has been imprisoned on a satellite since childhood and has had only netscreens (computers and such) to keep her company in all that time. What does that make her? Why the world’s best hacker of course! Well, Lunar’s best hacker actually.

Though Cress is supposed to be working for Queen Levana, she prefers not to. Cinder and Scarlet (along with their male companions, Captain Thorne and Wolf) team up with Cress and try to rescue her. I have not read the book yet so cannot give more information than that.

Winter – Scheduled to come out sometime in 2015. Snow White is finally going to make an appearance as Winter, the step daughter of Queen Levana! Before Snow White can have a happy ending, her evil step mother must be disposed of. It’ll take the combined efforts of all 4 heroines along with their guys to conquer Queen Levana and her army.

Do you enjoy fairy tales? What ones do you like?



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6 thoughts on “Library Speaker – Marissa Meyer

  1. Without fail, I pick up one of these every time I’m at the store and looking at books (which isn’t that often anymore, and I never buy any). I really want to read Cinder, but inevitably I remember how little time I actually spend reading and put it down.

    Lemme know how the event goes!

    1. It can be difficult to make time to read. A lot of the time it gets pushed to the back with me, but right now I’m carving out time in order to read as much of Meyer’s work as I can. I finished Scarlet! I ran out of time for Cress though. :T Bummer. I’ll wait till after the event is done to start that one. They’re a surprisingly quick read. Chapters are short and the pacing is fast so it’s easy to get through a couple changes in less than 20-30 minutes depending on how fast you read.

      1. Me neither! I do have a couple friends I write with on Thursdays (though not this Thursday) at Gotta Have Java if you want to join us ever. I also post about books and writing on my blog Do you participate in NaNoWriMo ever?

  2. I’d answer now but I met you in person! haha 😀
    I may try NaNoWriMo this year. I write all the time anyway. But only if I’m completely done with my current MS. I’m lucky in a way because my dad was a professional editor (for technical writing but still super handy) for 20 years. He’s told me that if my MS hasn’t been snatched up by an agent by July then we’ll print out the whole thing and go through it together. Yep, my dad’s my editor. Sounds odd but he can be quite objective.

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