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Darkfall by Dean Koontz

Holy Macral! I just finished the audiobook for Darkfall by Dean Koontz. Read by Christopher Lane, a product of Brilliance Audio.


It’s a horror book with some spiritual themes (mainly dealing with voodoo and how it ties in with every other religion in the world). Demons big and small are trying to claw their way into our world using an evil voodoo man who’s wreaking vengeance on a crime family in New York.

He senses Jack, a cop working the case, can ruin everything for him so he attacks Jack’s kids. In an effort to save them and the woman he loves, he seeks help from a man who practices good voodoo. They discover the danger is greater than initially supposed and that the world itself is at stake.

It’s AWESOME! There were times I was wiggling in my seat (I’m currently listening to audiobooks while I crochet my little heart out – working on an afghan for my in-laws) because I wanted Koontz to hurry up so I could find out how everything turned out.

10 hours long on 9 discs with action starting on the very first “page”, I thought it would be impossible for Koontz to drag things out. He’d put his characters in severe danger seemingly without a way to escape only to pull them out in the nick of time.

Amazingly, the action continues disc through disc without cease. I was sure things were hopeless for the hero nearly the whole time but I was happily proved wrong.

Whew! What a ride.

For awhile I was really confused though. I wondered why everyone was relying on pay phones and home phones. Why not use their cell phones? It’d save a lot of bother and worry. Don’t catch them at home? No worries, everyone has a cell. It occured to me halfway through (it wasn’t an active thought in my head because the story was so engrossing) that perhaps this was a time before cell phones. When the book was done, I looked at when it was written – 1984. I laughed. Yep, definitely before cell phones. At least I was alive when it was written though. 2 years old but still alive.

Dean Koontz is a good writer. My favorite of his is Phantoms. My sister has been an avid reader since I was in grade school (I’m 32 now). When I recommended the book to my mom, I told her to check with Sarah because she probably had it already. I was not mistaken. In fact, she had recently read it. She raved about Twilight Eyes as well so I’ll try to find that one soon. But right now I have Game of Thrones to devour. So excited!

Do you like Dean Koontz (horror writer)? What’s your favorite book of his?



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