Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare


I just finished Clockwork Angel (Book 1 of The Infernal Devices) by Cassandra Clare, author of young adult series The Mortal Instruments.

Two words:

Ooooooooo! Gooooood!

There were cliches here and there but I’m not one to nit-pick when they don’t hurt the story. I’m not sure if I would’ve noticed them had I not been looking for them, but I was looking for them sooooo…

I hoped to read this book for enjoyment but I’ve come across too many books set in the Victorian Era and before that have royally failed to please me. Instead of reading purely for enjoyment, I read with criticism ready.

And I found little to criticize.


It focused less on the Victorian Era and more on the fantastical elements of the story which was probably a very good move. For me it was more like Clare had added realistic elements to a fantasy world rather than fantasy elements to a realistic world.

While I won’t be searching for warlocks or Nephilim in the streets, I was happy to emerse myself in their world. And it was a quick, easy read. Yay! My eyes and imagination were very happy.

Have you read anything by Cassandra Clare? Care to share what you thought of it?


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