Free Books and Writing Update

Let me first say that I found a book from Goodreads (shocking, I know) that is free for a limited time.

I know nothing about the book. It could be complete trash for all I know but it’s the first of a series and it’s being advertised on Goodreads dreads so I assume it’s at least partially good. And even if it’s not, let me repeat something…


Why pass up a free book? You can find out later if it’s any good.

The original cover of Goddess Legacy by M.W. Muse looks like this:


(Click on the above picture to get it at Amazon for the Kindle or the Kindle app if you don’t have a Kindle)

The new cover looks better…


Unfortunately, Amazon had the original cover. But that’s fine because I got it as an ebook on Kindle anyway so I won’t really be looking at the cover a whole lot.

As for my own writing, I’m rockin’ it! I write every day on week days and even sometimes on weekends but not usually because those are family days.

Yesterday was super difficult because I felt nauseous practically all day. I guess you could call it a self-induced illness. I wasn’t actually sick but I had polluted my body so badly the day before with gluten and then had a super bad combination of dairy, sugar, and caffeine yesterday morning. My body couldn’t handle it so I ended up feeling like my blood was full of poison and my stomach was queasy. Not cool.

But I did my duty and sat down for 30 minutes. I churned out 511 words and it was an uphill battle the whole way. Ugh.

Today totally made up for it though. An easy 2 hours and 2,045 words. WOO! I actually didn’t want to stop and kept writing till I had exhausted the flow of words. I had to skip a few sentences because I realized I hadn’t looked up details on the river Acheron. But instead of stopping till I could do that, I just left a note in there and moved on. So glad I did.

Feeling awesome today too. No more polluted blood stream. Nasty gluten and dairy. Ick.

Do you care what a book’s about if it’s free?


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