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Books as rewards? Yes, please!


Yeah, that has nothing to do with the post but I thought it was hilarious especially since that’s really what I look like when I’m not making an effort to look pleasant. I have mad skills at looking scary angry. All I have to do is let my face relax. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

No, I’m not joking. That’s totally true.




The Turdlet’s teacher started a reward plan for him to help give him incentive to behave himself at school. It’s been working very well I think. Here’s how it works: the teacher gives him a goal to work toward (the first one was following classroom rules) and if he completes the goal satisfactorily during a specific time, he can color in a star for that time period. The day is broken up into 5 periods and right now since it’s the beginning, he aims for at least 3 stars. When he comes home with at least 3 stars colored in, I give him a reward.

He’s been doing so well! He’s done following classroom rules and is now working on controlling his body. He got 5 stars yesterday!! Woo!!

I was going to give him 50 cents for his reward but my parents visited and my mom and I went crazy in the bookstore. Last time this happened I got away with way too many books. This time though, it’s my son who made out like a bandit…and he wasn’t even in the store with us!


The bigger purchases went with her to be held hostage in the guise of Christmas presents. The smaller (and much more numerous) ones went into a Surprise Grab Bag which became his reward. He closes his eyes, reaches in, and pulls out his surprise.

There were 2 videos in there (Bob the Builder and Thomas) and he enjoyed them but they didn’t hold a candle to the books. My little book lover! Woo!

imageHe pulls out a book and goes berserk happy. I ask him every time if he wants me to read it to him right then and there but he always says no. He’d rather look through it himself a few times first before I read it to him.

imageIt really makes my day that he loves books so much. And if they’re Lego Star Wars books, he practically pees his pants from joy. Lego City books have almost the same reaction.


What would you pee your pants out of joy to get?



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