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A Glimpse of Nastiness in Chaucer’s Work

In my last post, I presented a riddle (I thought for sure my dad would say something considering he was the one who read the description on Google for me but no, nothing): I am the eye that weeps the … Continue reading

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Spiffy Information

Whilst researching Norse culture, I learned something spiffy. Well, I’ve actually learned a lot of spiffy things but this one hits super close to home. Like, my own grandmother kind of close. When my dad’s mom was alive, she would … Continue reading

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Side Effects of Researching Norse Culture

So lately I’ve been getting my nails dirty writing my Norse story. Does that happen to anyone else? I doubt the guys care but, ladies, do any of you get dirt under your nails after you’ve been typing on your … Continue reading

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Back from my break

I didn’t give any warning that I was taking a break from my writing blog. That’s because I didn’t know it myself until weeks went by with me writing nothing. They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well, it … Continue reading

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