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Lack of Balance

Oops! I was trying so hard for balance in my life this new year but my scales are already tilting in favor of fitness. Always. Never fails.


Not that I’m not getting my writing done. As you can see, I’m still posting on a weekly basis and I’m not stressed about getting it done anymore. If you’re keeping track of my word bar for my Norse story (located way down on the side bar to the right), the word total is moving. Its progress is slow but it is moving. My parents can also attest to that as they read the new stuff when I get it written.

This last week was slow-going with my writing though. I was much more interested in my exercise and surfing the internet.


too_much_internet_mouse_mat-r48efa08acf3c4eadb6cf98b5a510059a_x74vi_8byvr_512Youtube was my downfall. So was the free month of Starbucks coffee. But now that that’s over, I won’t have any excuse to go to Starbucks and use their internet first thing in the morning. Which means it’ll be an easy thing to go back home and start working first thing after taking my son to school. Yay!

So, really, I guess I could say it was a joint effort between Starbucks and their free wi-fi that caused me to lose focus. So…Starbucks is evil? Or is it the internet that’s evil?


Naaaah! Blasphemy. If it weren’t for Starbucks, I wouldn’t be nearly as happy and energetic in the morning. And, yes, I know I’m a consumer (and an addict) and I’m totally fine with that.

I think I wouldn’t be far off thinking the internet is evil though. It really can be soul-sucking a lot of the time. Much like video games (which I LOVE SO MUCH that I stay away from almost entirely because they really do suck my life away).

By the way, you should see the line forming behind me here at Starbucks. Wha?? And they’re all wearing blue and green…Super Bowl anyone? People here are insane when it comes to the Seahawks. I don’t own those colors but I’ll be painting my nails later on to show my support.

The team with the prettiest colors EVER!


I’m laughing at my girliness.



I believe in living life and not letting it pass you by. I mean, come on, if you really want to do something but don't have the courage to do it so you let the opportunity disappear, you may regret it for the rest of your life. How can you know what you're capable of unless you go for it? Like every writer, I naturally plan on becoming world-famous (not really). I love reading, writing, fitness, coffee, watching my favorite movies/shows, listening to music, and trying new things even if they're sometimes terrifying. I'm a writer, a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and a nutter for doing all of the above.

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