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“Fairest” by Marissa Meyer

22489107Oh. My. Goodness! I love my library. Once more they’ve come through for me and I got Fairest by Marissa Meyer almost as soon as the book was released. Unbeknownst to me, I put the audiobook on hold instead of the actual book. Or maybe I knew it when I did it but I forgot by the time it came. I listened to Cress (3rd book of her Lunar Chronicles series) on audiobook and was blown away. My ears were probably just this side of bleeding but I seriously didn’t want to stop.

Luckily Fairest can’t hold a candle to Cress page-wise so I didn’t get close to the bleeding point this time, but I did lose some sleep because, like the rest of Meyer’s books, I didn’t want to stop.

Fairest tells evil Queen Levana’s story. How does she become so evil? Why is she the way she is?

Oh yes, and if you aren’t familiar with The Lunar Chronicles, they’re a series of fairytale retellings by Marissa Meyer. Very original and VERY good. Cinder is Cinderella; Scarlet is Little Red Riding Hood; Cress is Rapunzel; Fairest is about the evil queen/stepmother in Snow White; Winter is Snow White.

Meyer’s explanation isn’t the most original idea she’s ever had – Levana was tormented her whole life – but the details of the torment are ingenuous! Really, I’d say “torture” comes closer than “torment” sometimes but it’s a bit melodramatic and it doesn’t cover all the details so we’ll stick with the less theatrical.


Poor Levana. I feel bad for her, I really do. Except I think she would’ve grown up to be a b*tch anyway because that seems to be the general Lunar culture – psychos. Not all of them, of course, but morality seems to be a bit low on their radar in general. But I still feel bad for what she went through. Perhaps if she had been raised in a more loving or normal environment, she wouldn’t have turned out as bad as she did.

But then we wouldn’t have had 5 books and some short stories to go along with them so I guess it’s all right that Levana’s an insane psycho.


Maybe the original Lunar colony was populated by the criminals of the world like Australia was in the beginning with Britain’s criminals. Or perhaps the colony started off as an asylum for the dangerously insane. Instead of keeping the insane psychos in wards here on Earth, they were sent to the moon because it was a safe distance away.


Anyway, it was an AWESOME book and Rebecca Soler who reads the series is beyond belief good. She poured so much emotion into what she read that it was as if I was watching a play or a movie going on in my head. It was a gripping performance.



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