Books Books Everywhere and More Illness

2 days back in school and my son was out the rest of the week with a stomach bug. Puking Pastilles. As bad as it was, it could’ve been worse so for that I’m thankful. He’s back to his normal adorable, annoying self so it’s all good.

I got a lot read this week though mainly because I got a cold Monday morning and felt downright awful so I wrapped myself in a comforter, snuggled down into my recliner, and listened to Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin.


Off topic, my dad recently pointed out that his name is GRR Martin. I laughed because of how true it was. I’m now finishing Season 4 of Game of Thrones and he just killed one of my favorite characters. Right before I went to bed. Sucked. Seriously.


Grr Martin. Grr.

That man is evil.

So with my week off from doing anything remotely useful in the way of writing, I managed to make a lot of headway in my reading.


Currently Reading:

I don’t normally get so much read in so little time but The Guardians books are for kids and are therefore quick/easy reads. I don’t normally read anything in one sitting either but I was able to with those books. And the other two books, which are disgustingly long, I started a loooooooong time ago so the fact that I finished them around the same time only looks impressive.


It feels good to be able to mark off books that I put up on Goodreads ages ago. I can’t believe I finished Clash of Kings before March. I thought for sure I would’ve been at it in the summer still. I should start Book 3, Storm of Swords, but I’m exhausted and need a break. There are a lot of other books I want to get around to reading and/or finishing. Too many to keep track of but I have Goodreads for that, thank goodness.


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