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“Hot Body Year Round” by Cassey Ho

Hot Body Year Round BookCassey Ho is a worldwide famous fitness guru. And when I say worldwide, I mean worldwide. She has fans literally all around the world. Who knew that a 10-minute Pilates video stuck on Youtube to say goodbye to her Pilates students in SoCal would eventually grow to become the phenomenon that is POP Pilates?

I joined Cassey’s POPsters as her fans are labeled a bit late. I discovered her awesomeness sometime around the Summer of 2014 but didn’t join her ranks until the following Autumn. For me all it took (other than super fun workouts and a bubbly teacher), was a personalized reply to me on Facebook when I commented on one of her videos. At the time my self-esteem was pretty low and a personal comment to me from someone I had come to admire and be in awe of was out of this world.

Yep, I’m pretty easy to please sometimes.

All this has been mentioned before on my Fitness Freak blog so I won’t go into it again. What I will go into is Cassey’s new book – Hot Body Year Round. Blogilates book and tote

I’ll try to keep this simple. Included in the book are:

  • 20 workouts
  • Detailed instructions (with pictures) of 120+ exercises
  • Gorgeous photos
  • Some general weekly plans for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced people
  • Vitamin/Health info
  • 4 seasons worth of Cassey’s fav recipes (she likes seasonal ingredients)
  • 4 ideas (one for each season) for weekly menus
  • Inspiration and tips for staying motivated all year

In general, her printed workouts are easier than her videos because they have exact numbers to do (and I don’t usually lose count) and they don’t add in little flourishes such as pulses or holding a position for a little longer. But they are more convenient to take with you when you go to a place that doesn’t have the internet (such as everywhere in my world it seems).

And the backgrounds Cassey found for her exercises are GORGEOUS!

Boston got Fall. Boston Fall Utah was Winter and Spring as well I believe. Utah Spring Cassey thought the Salt Lake Flats looked like snow. I guess they do here but at the same time not because she’s wearing so little and snow is freakin’ cold! Utah Winter She had to use a ton of ingenuity to make Winter and Spring work in Utah when it was the middle of Fall and it had just rained the day before or something so the whole place was flooded.

And Summer was of course in SoCal (she lives there). SoCal Summer Sweet Potato OatmealI’m not altogether certain how I feel about her having recipes and meal plans in her book because I have yet to hear that she’s a certified nutritionist. I imagine this could cause some potential lawsuits in the future. While I’m not a certified nutritionist of any kind, I believe I can identify healthy food when I see it. The same goes for yummy food. And the recipes she provides look AWESOME! Because they’re all her favorite recipes, I also know that they’ve been tried and tested by a semi-normal tongue. These recipes don’t look insanely healthy and therefore they don’t look nasty. I won’t even go into what I think of most super healthy foods.

I’m DYING to try the Egg Nog Smoothie which, oddly enough, has no eggs…or egg nog for that matter. Nor alcohol because Cassey doesn’t drink. It causes her to go blind. Egg Nog Smoothie I’m already a huge fan of her Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffins so I’m practically drooling to try this pumpkin variation: Microwave Minute Pumpkin Muffin And now I’ve successfully made myself hungry so I will shove off and try out that Egg Nog Smoothie that isn’t real egg nog. I’m guessing it’ll taste like bananas because the main ingredient is a…banana. Rocket science.

Oh yeah. And by the way, Hot Body Year Round is the top fitness book being sold right now. It actually sold out on the preorders so they had to hurry their butts to publish more copies to meet demand. If you’re interested in getting this book, it’s being sold through multiple sites such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. I got my copy from Amazon. If you want to check out Cassey Ho and her mini-empire further, you can visit her pretty much everywhere.

The list goes on but I won’t. Google Cassey Ho and/or Blogilates and you’ll find her.

And her two online stores:

What’s your favorite healthy recipe?



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