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Stress Kills and “Death of a Darklord”

My stress level is high these days, but it’s nothing compared to my husband’s level. It’s severe. So severe that it’s probably burning a hole in his stomach. For the last several weeks, his stomach has been difficult. He threw up this morning … Continue reading

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My New Working Title

I came across some doosies whilst searching for a working title for my Norse mythology manuscript. There are lots of frustrating and annoying things about writing but I’d have to say that the working title is one of the most … Continue reading

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“The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill

I recently watched the 2nd Woman in Black movie, Angel of Death, and I was disappointed. What really bugged me and severely lessened the scare factor were the multitude of continuity problems. Then I found out that the first movie … Continue reading

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Reading While Sick

I’ve been out sick this week. The feeling of death trumped the importance of getting online considering I would’ve had to leave home to get online. Also, there’s a week-long festival going on so there are TONS of people around … Continue reading

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