Reading While Sick

I’ve been out sick this week. The feeling of death trumped the importance of getting online considering I would’ve had to leave home to get online. Also, there’s a week-long festival going on so there are TONS of people around the library (best place for me to get the internet) so parking’s hard to get and I’m not waiting for an hour in the cold before the library opens in the morning just so I can use the internet for blogging.

Like I said, feeling like death trumped blogging importance.

My coffee is tasting like crap lately too. I’ve just noticed this. Yuck. Maybe now’s the time to wean myself off of it?

coffee-addictOr I could add more sugar. Or almond milk. That actually sounds pretty good right now. Add fake milk.

Anyway, I’ve been too ucky to do much of anything except take care of my son and read. I don’t even want to eat. So weird. My son seems to be going through the same thing. He told me the other morning that he was too tired to finish eating breakfast. I totally agreed with him and packaged up both our breakfasts to finish later.

I’ve been reading The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. I can see why it’d be considered awesome and I do like it, but the writing can be confusing sometimes. She changes tense without warning, sometimes in the middle of sentences and there are run-ons everywhere. I do like the book but the grammar would’ve been shredded by a paper eating monster if someone wrote it today. I’ll write up a post on it later when I’ve finished the book.

Woman in BlackWhat do you do when you’re sick?



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