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The Path of Moonlight: 11

Video games suck out your soul. If you like rpgs or mmorgs etc and you feel the need to play, resist it! They’re horrible. I didn’t want to write the past few days because I all I wanted to do was watch season 2 of Penny Dreadful and play League of Angels. In defense of Penny Dreadful, as soon as I’m done with the season (borrowed it from the library), that’s it. I’m done. So it doesn’t continue to dominate my life. But the game? No, it dominates.

So bad.

======== The Path of Moonlight ========

I stared at the lunatic, my mouth hanging open.  Questions burned to be asked but I didn’t have the voice to ask them.  I must have looked brain dead…or in shock which was probably about the same.  He wiped his blades off on the large leaves of a plant before coming over to me.

“That was a forest born,” he said.  “I’ll not stay here to be picked off while you regain your senses so get up now or stay here by yourself.  I’m sure your death by that creature would not have been a pretty sight.”

He walked off, leaving me in my numbed state.  My survival instincts kicked in as I heard his footsteps head off behind me though and I scrambled to my feet to scurry after him.  I was glad to leave the lifeless creature behind me, but my coherent thought process still refused to function.

I cast frightened glances around me as I walked, stumbling and tripping it seemed over every root and rock.  Gradually my mind came back to me and I questioned what I witnessed, trying to make sense of it.  I had read that Canadian wolves grew to be quite large, but I had never heard of one having a cat’s retractable claws.  As far as I knew, those were restricted to the feline species.  Its fangs were much like that of the Saber-toothed cat but those were extinct and, again, had been a kind of feline.

“They’re real,” I said.  “The forest born.”  The words felt foreign on my tongue; I thought I would choke on them.  It was impossible.  That animal couldn’t have been real.  Had I eaten or breathed in some kind of hallucinogen?  Had there been something in the water when I had washed my face?  Perhaps it had seeped into my pores and I was hallucinating.  But except for being terrified and confused, I didn’t feel any different.

The man nodded.

I stared at him, clinging to disbelief as if it were a life raft.  That creature had torn a ragged hole in my raft.  “That’s impossible.  I’ve never heard of a creature like that.”

“Impossible or not, it’s real,” he said.  “And if you don’t pick up your feet and stop tripping over everything in your path, we’ll still be here when the moon rises.  The forest born are more active at night.”

That threat sliced through my numb thoughts.  I focused on where to put my feet and was soon jogging through the greenery behind him.  He seemed to have forgotten that he wanted me alongside him in order to keep an eye on me.  Either that or my near-death experience at the hands of a forest born had convinced him that I wasn’t a threat.  For another hour or two, we jogged and walked – mostly walking – till the trees thinned and we were free of the forest.

The sun shone down on us from high above and even I could tell that when the sun is at that angle, it must be around noon.  Relief at being away from the trees and the forest born sapped my strength and I fell to my knees.

“We’ll rest here,” the man said.  I was too busy panting for breath and trying not to throw up to pay him much attention.

When my breathing had quieted, he said, “Be glad that you spent your childhood unaware of this wood and what lurks within it.  Ignorance must have been…peaceful.”

I stared at him, not knowing what to say, thinking that my life had been anything but peaceful.  But he had a point.  An underlying calm in me that I hadn’t paid attention to had cracked knowing that there was such a terror in the world.

The world….

As I thought it I looked out away from the trees and saw open land.  Tall, green grass covered the hills.  Grey boulders broke the green waves like a multitude of small islands in the sea.

“Where are we?” I asked.  This was not my city.  My life raft was sinking fast.

======== End of 11th Installment ========

Yep, it’s official. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

On a completely different topic, did you know that many species of fish, such as sardines, can burp? I just found that out today.




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