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Book Review – Rose Pressey

TAKEAHAUNTEDWALKWITHMECOVERThe wondrously evil BookBub brought Rose Pressey’s books to my attention with TAKE A HAUNTED WALK WITH ME. As I currently have no money, I couldn’t buy the book but I did download a free sample and it was so much fun! It’s the 5th in the HAUNTED TOUR GUIDE series so I thought to start with the first. No $ = no book though. After a short bit of searching, however, I found FOREVER CHARMED. Free!

And this is why I love Bookbub. It helps me find gems I would otherwise have never heard of. Now I’m determined to add Rose Pressey’s books to my collection. It’ll take a while but, as they don’t cost much, it shouldn’t take all that long. As in, less than a year I believe. After all, there are other books I’m loving and I currently have zilch cash. I’ll need to start up a monthly amount that I’m allowed to spend on books…after I get a job.

rose presseyRose Pressey is a USA TODAY bestselling author. She enjoys writing quirky and fun novels with a paranormal twist. The paranormal has always captured her interest. The thought of finding answers to the unexplained fascinates her.

When she’s not writing about werewolves, vampires and every other supernatural creature, she loves eating cupcakes with sprinkles, reading, spending time with family, and listening to oldies from the fifties.

Rose lives in the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky with her husband, son and three sassy Chihuahuas.

Rose loves to hear from readers. If you’re interested in receiving information when a new Rose Pressey book is released, you can sign up for her newsletter at Join her on Facebook for lots of fun and prizes.

forever charmedThe book I’m tackling today is FOREVER CHARMED, book 1 in the Halloween LeVeau series. It’s super cute and fun!

Halloween LeVeau is a witch. Her mom thought it auspicious that she was born on Halloween so she named her thus, expecting her to have great powers and such. Sadly, the opposite was true – Halloween is the worst witch ever. Until, that is, she inherits the LeVeau Manor from her Great-Aunt Maddy.

Not knowing what to do with the big, spooky house, she turns it into a bed and breakfast and, while cleaning, finds a mysterious book written in an unknown language. Almost immediately two equally mysterious (and dead gorgeous) men stop by her bed and breakfast and all hell breaks loose. Her life goes from normal (if disappointing and bland) to full of danger, confusion, and romance.

Really, that tiny synopsis doesn’t do the book justice but I don’t want to give anything away. This book was so much fun! From the moment I started reading, I thought it was interesting.

Danger, romance, ghosts, witchcraft, humor…How can you go wrong? I loved it and didn’t want to put it down though I had to many times for various reasons. Each time I put it down, I had to breathe and maintain my calm so I didn’t run away to lock myself in the bedroom and ignore everyone. I deliberately got movies my husband and I could watch together so we could spend time together every day doing something we both enjoyed. That’s not an easy task (well, it is if it’s watching Poirot but you have to run out of episodes eventually). There’s also my son to think of and keep distracted as well.

It’s a rough life giving love and attention to others when all I want to do is give them a raspberry and lock myself away to read a book.

Usually my highest book rating is a 4 out of 5 stars because there’s always something that irks me. This time, however, I had to give it 5 stars. When I was done with the book I thought and thought about what I could criticize about it. I almost gave up when I remembered the ending climax was pretty easy. That should have knocked it down to 4 stars but the rest was so much fun and the easy showdown didn’t bother me at all. It may bother me more later but not right now.

Besides, while the showdown may be the big event that the book’s leading up to, FOREVER CHARMED isn’t about that. It’s about Halloween not being able to do the simplest spells and then she’s uber powerful. It’s about her dealing with letting her mother down her whole life and then finally having the chance to make her proud and happy. It’s about the love triangle with the supremely hot guys who are constantly, if not lying to her, then skirting around the truth. The rest isn’t really all that important when compared to everything else.

Though, now that I think about it, I do have some questions for the author…which I’ll pose to her privately so I don’t give any spoilers. They’re just aside questions that don’t impact my thoughts on the book.

My advice is to go out and get it. But not if you’re into serious, heavy books. This is fun and light. And maybe not if you’re a guy. Unless you like “girl” books. This is pretty girly with cupcakes and everything. I can’t eat cupcakes and they were too sweet when I was able to eat them but this book made me want cupcakes. Like, seriously want them. I’m kind of bummed that I can’t eat them now.



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