Tentative Book Cover

I’m wondering if perhaps I’m being too serious with my desire to get published. I mean, there seem to be a ton of people doing the self-publishing e-book route who are getting their work out there. True, most of them are not famous and do not have a huge following, but their work is out there and I, for one, enjoy finding them.

Perhaps they’re not making any money, but then neither am I and I have nothing to show for it unlike them. Decisions decisions.


I think I’m going to go for it because, really, what have I got to lose? I’m not making any money with it sitting unused collecting e-dust on my computer. At least if it’s out there online, it can collect e-dust where everyone can potentially see/access it.

Honestly, I don’t care about the money anymore. If it makes a little, I’ll be super happy. If it makes nothing, that’s okay too. It’s not like my real job makes much money yet I enjoy doing that. I’m thinking I should learn from that and focus on the enjoyment rather than the $$ and just go for it.

Here’s the tentative book cover that I’ve made for Night’s Treasure. Thoughts are always welcome! Please tell me if you like or don’t like it.



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