Available for Pre-Order: Night’s Treasure


My debut novel, Night’s Treasure, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It is currently only available as an e-book for the Kindle or Kindle App. Night’s Treasure is a fantasy novel bordering on dark fantasy and focuses on ancient Greek mythology.

For Sophy, an unloved and unwanted demigod, happiness seemed an impossibility until one night when she made a deal with the god of death and was flung into a dangerous world of ancient gods and unknown possibilities.

Forced to please her manipulative brother, Sophy makes a deal with Thánatos: herself as Death’s bride for her brother’s immortality. Doing so unearths the family she dreamt of having, but in order to join them in Tartarus she must first gain immortality and she must do it on her own. Her journey takes her from the underground labyrinths of Hypnos’ Palace to the cloudy realm of Zeus; from a mysterious garden at the end of the world to the depths of the Underworld where her fate is at last decided.

Powerful gods intent on their own selfish plans are determined that she bend to their will and give up her quest and her betrothed. She’ll need all of her power over light along with a fair amount of luck in order to survive and not end up a plaything of the gods.

If you’ve ever been curious about the gods who weren’t part of the 12 Olympians (and Hades/Persephone) or if you’re tired of only ever reading about the 12 Olympians (and Hades/Persephone) and want a taste of something new, here you go! While I do include a handful of the mainstream gods/goddesses, I also delve into the lesser known deities and mythological creatures.

For example, some of the lesser known deities are:

  • Nyx
  • Thanatos
  • Icelus
  • Phantasos

Yes, the names are Greek. Yes, they are hard to read and hard to pronounce. I realize this puts some people off, but I wasn’t about to rename ancient gods. I see other authors doing that and sometimes it’s fine and I have fun playing match the unknown deity with the new name, but other times it doesn’t work.

My goal was not to change the gods but to try to breathe new life into them. I wanted to create my own story and weave it into the preexisting myths while changing as little as possible (preferably nothing at all). That was the hardest part in writing this book. There are different versions of the myths and many times the versions don’t agree with each other or they do but they argue about details or leave details out.

In my attempt to recreate the world of ancient Greek gods and place my own characters in it in a way that would work, I had to choose single versions of myths whilst combining other versions. It didn’t matter to me if the myths came from different people because the fact remains that each variation is out there and is known to some degree.

Anyway, Night’s Treasure is a little less than 250 pages (according to Amazon) and will be selling for $2.99. I hope you go on over to Amazon and add my book to your collection. Greek mythology is so much fun. I really hope you enjoy the path I’ve taken with it. Sophy’s story doesn’t end here nor does my trip through Greek mythology as I have a sequel to Night’s Treasure in the works along with several novellas in line to write as well.

Also, I had fun with Pinterest some time back saving pictures connected with Greek mythology and with how I imagined Night’s Treasure might look. Check it out, it’s just for fun.


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