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Weekend Writing Warriors 9 – Night’s Treasure


Weekend Writing Warriors | #8Sunday | 1/1/17

If you want to read other writer’s work, meet those writers, or participate yourself stop on by Weekend Writing Warriors. Every week writers get together here to share their work, published or unpublished.

Here’s my newest snippet (10 sentences) from Night’s Treasure for your reading pleasure. Just some quick info on it. This happens soon after the last snippet with the ritual. The house is on fire. The unknown woman talking to Sophy is Nyx, the goddess of night.

——– Night’s Treasure ——–

“Please, you must trust me. I know it is a lot to ask especially after the life you have led but, please. You must leave this place; you cannot stay here.”

“I have nowhere to go,” Sophy whispered.

As if on cue the roaring inferno from the basement burst through into the rest of the house, filling the night with flames. The intense heat stole Sophy’s breath and threatened to sear her skin where she lay crumpled int he grass. It consumed the house in seconds.

“Hermes,” the lady said, brisk and business-like. “The time has come. Take Sophia and wait for me by the mouth of the Styx.”

——– End of snippet ——–


If you liked this snippet and you’re interested in reading the rest of the book, Night’s Treasure is available to buy as an ebook on Amazon for $2.99. Reviews are much appreciated! I’m trying to get some of those. I had some but Amazon deleted them for some reason. I think it had something to do with them being from family members. My family’s pretty honest (even when it’s bad though these weren’t), but it broke the review guidelines so Amazon took them down.

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Weekend Writing Warrior 8 – Night’s Treasure


I’m back to participating with the Weekend Writing Warriors! If you want to read other writer’s work, meet those writers, or participate yourself stop on by Weekend Writing Warriors. Every week writers get together here to share their work, published or unpublished. #8Sunday

Here’s my newest snippet (9 sentences) from Night’s Treasure for your reading pleasure.

-Night’s Treasure-

“Daphne berries,” he informed with his rasping whisper.  “Mixed with poppies.  A merciful way to die.  You will slip off to sleep and awake in Tartarus or the Underworld, depending on which route you take.”

The rise of her chest was imperceptible as Sophy drew a shuddering breath that she feared would be one of her last.  The cloying aftertaste of Leuco’s draught was sharp and disgusting on her tongue.

“You do not offer yourself of your own free will,” he stated.

“I do.”  Her voice was a hoarse whisper as she forced out the lie.

-end of Night’s Treasure excerpt-

nights-treasure-4Night’s Treasure is a fantasy novel that delves into the world of Greek mythology. It follows Sophy, a demigod and daughter of Nyx, as she endeavors to find a way to gain immortality and join the family she’s always wanted but never had in Tartarus. However, there are powerful gods who have no intention of letting her disappear into the darkness below the Underworld and Sophy must fight for her life and her freedom before she can find peace and love. But will her power over the dark by enough or will she fall prey to the selfish, cruel gods who seek to use her?

This novel has been published by Kathryn St. John…in other words, by me. You can find it as an e-book on Amazon for $2.99. HOWEVER! Wait another week or so and you’ll be able to download it for FREE!

In honor of the holidays and as an end of year bang, I’m giving Night’s Treasure away for FREE on Amazon! Yay! I thought a fun freebie for the end of the year would be nice. Really, I just want people to be enjoying my stories like I do. It makes me so happy when I hear that other people enjoyed it.


My only request is to please please please leave a review so I know how I did and what I should work on and so others have a guide to let them know how the book is. It’s not mandatory or anything, but I would seriously appreciate it!

Don’t forget! The last week of 2016!

12/26 – 12/30.

I would’ve made it longer but I’m only allowed 5 days. Sorry about that. But 5 days is more than enough to download it! Tell your friends, tell your relatives, tell everyone!

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Potential Psyche Covers

When I’m not writing (reading, practicing POP, teaching POP, and doing mommy duties), I’m playing around with the cover for Psyche. With the exception of weekends, I’ve been grinding away at my word count and am pleased with my progress. My daily goal is 1k words but the past couple writing days have produced over 2k which makes me a very happy camper.


The word count meter for Psyche is on the right side bar. If you can’t see it there, it’s on my Novellas page. I’ve just passed the 15k mark. Slowly but surely getting up there.

I’d like some input on my covers though. I like them all (or I wouldn’t keep them to choose from) though, granted, some more than others for different reasons. What do you all think though? A short comment would be super helpful. I’ll put numbers for each so you only have to give a # if that’s all you want to do.

  1. (candle with a fiery heart above it)


2. (fiery heart with silhouette of two lovers)


3. (red heart with white wings and silhouette of two lovers)


4. (gemstone heart with white wings)


Now just because I’ve put these up to be voted on, doesn’t mean this is their final version. There’s a strong likelihood that I’ll continue playing around with images whenever I’m bored because it’s fun. But this is what I have so far so you know the directions I’m playing with. I have a feeling I’ll stick with one of these general ideas though.

Honestly, I really like some of them so, unless I hit on an even better idea, I’ll probably choose one of these for the cover.

Quick recap of the Psyche/Eros myth! Psyche is gorgeous which makes Aphrodite (goddess of love) super jealous. Aphrodite wants her son Eros to make Psyche fall in love with a monster but Eros ends up falling for her himself. He marries her in secret but she’s not allowed to look upon him. Tricked by her sisters, Psyche sneaks a peak one night but while doing so she accidentally spills hot oil on him from her oil lamp. He’s hurt that she didn’t trust him and leaves her. Psyche searches and searches for him, finally ending up in Aphrodite’s employ. Aphrodite, who’s still super jealous, gives her impossible tasks which Psyche accomplishes with help from various gods. In the end, Aphrodite accepts Psyche’s love for Eros and the two are reunited and live happily ever after. The End.

Yeah, I just told you the story, but really, you could read it anywhere so it’s not like I dished out spoilers. Spoilers would be if I revealed all the added details of how I’m writing it.

So what do you think of the covers? #1-4, please comment with your opinion.

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Life After Publishing – Psyche

What to do after the debut novel is published?

Why write more of course!

Over time my writing has become stagnant but life is changing and my mindset is changing therefore my writing habits must change as well. Like Dr. Frankenstein with his monster, I need to breathe new life into my writing and start again.

And I am. But rather than continue with Shadow’s Strength, NT’s sequel, I’ve once more picked up Psyche. I’m hoping to renew my old habits of writing at least 1k words every week day and if I can then this novella should be completely done (editing and all) by the end of January-February. I add in February because I have no delusions about how often I’ll write during the holidays when I’m off visiting people.

However, I also know that the longer I do my daily writing, the more used to it I get and then the more I end up writing each day. So I’m optimistically looking at a release date of February 1st which would be really good because the story is about love and February is the month of love.

Should we go for that then and dare me to be late?

Okay! But if the story turns out to be longer than 40k, then the deal’s off.


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Night’s Treasure on Amazon NOW!

nights-treasure-4Night’s Treasure is now available on Amazon as an e-book for the Kindle and Kindle app. It came out on December 1st, 2016 and I couldn’t be happier! Well, I could. I could if everyone in the world was buying it, but that’s never going to happen. Not even Agatha Christie or the Bible has been bought by every single person in the world.

I don’t know if I’d want that kind of success anyway though. Imagine how many haters there’d be out there because of course not everyone likes the same things. I don’t think I could take that kind of negativity. Or popularity for that matter.

Anyway, December 1st I woke up all excited to check out Amazon and see my book on display to be bought. That is, until I found out our internet was down.

shocked_chibi_girl_by_dokidokimaddy-d4uejkhMy husband was at work (he wouldn’t have known how to fix it anyway) and it was too early to call my dad for help, so I rolled up my figurative sleeves and started messing with the internet box. After a couple failed attempts, I fixed it! For those out there wondering how to do so: I turned off the box, then unplugged it from the other box it was connected to (I’m so detailed and knowledgeable), counted to 10, then plugged it back in and switched the box back on. VOILA! Magic.

So with my new Ms Fix-It status securely in my ego, I proceeded to get on Amazon and revel in the glory of having a book published. A minute later I had the bright idea to take a screenshot and post it on FB. My first guessed attempt failed.

Problem: I had no idea how to do that anymore. I learned in high school but it’s been well over a decade since then so I’ve forgotten.

Solution: Google it!

Directions immediately came up. And they were so easy! So I tried. Failed again. Then I saw that laptop users needed to press another button. Oh. Feeling like my Ms Fix-It status was getting tarnished, I tried again. WOOHOO! Success!

So I went to FB and uploaded the picture there. Huh. I peered at it – it looked kind of weird. Where was my e-book cover? I clicked it for a closer look.

I took a screenshot of the directions for how to take a screenshot.

OMG! What’s wrong with me???!!! In mild shame and deep stupidity, I took another screenshot of my book’s Amazon page and uploaded it onto FB. Everything was great and 100% perfect so I once more esteemed myself and lauded in my brilliance!


Yeah, I was on Cloud 9 yesterday and had a great time all day. I was gushing on the phone to my dad after those technical wonders and caught myself giving a Queen wave at the walls. Seriously!


I was talking on the phone and telling my dad how I had figured out tech stuff that kids are now born knowing and my hand went straight up in the air and did a Queen wave at the walls! When I realized what I was doing, I burst out laughing and of course told my dad who laughed at me too. When I did it again, I announced it and he joined in. Queen waves to all walls everywhere!