Potential Psyche Covers

When I’m not writing (reading, practicing POP, teaching POP, and doing mommy duties), I’m playing around with the cover for Psyche. With the exception of weekends, I’ve been grinding away at my word count and am pleased with my progress. My daily goal is 1k words but the past couple writing days have produced over 2k which makes me a very happy camper.


The word count meter for Psyche is on the right side bar. If you can’t see it there, it’s on my Novellas page. I’ve just passed the 15k mark. Slowly but surely getting up there.

I’d like some input on my covers though. I like them all (or I wouldn’t keep them to choose from) though, granted, some more than others for different reasons. What do you all think though? A short comment would be super helpful. I’ll put numbers for each so you only have to give a # if that’s all you want to do.

  1. (candle with a fiery heart above it)


2. (fiery heart with silhouette of two lovers)


3. (red heart with white wings and silhouette of two lovers)


4. (gemstone heart with white wings)


Now just because I’ve put these up to be voted on, doesn’t mean this is their final version. There’s a strong likelihood that I’ll continue playing around with images whenever I’m bored because it’s fun. But this is what I have so far so you know the directions I’m playing with. I have a feeling I’ll stick with one of these general ideas though.

Honestly, I really like some of them so, unless I hit on an even better idea, I’ll probably choose one of these for the cover.

Quick recap of the Psyche/Eros myth! Psyche is gorgeous which makes Aphrodite (goddess of love) super jealous. Aphrodite wants her son Eros to make Psyche fall in love with a monster but Eros ends up falling for her himself. He marries her in secret but she’s not allowed to look upon him. Tricked by her sisters, Psyche sneaks a peak one night but while doing so she accidentally spills hot oil on him from her oil lamp. He’s hurt that she didn’t trust him and leaves her. Psyche searches and searches for him, finally ending up in Aphrodite’s employ. Aphrodite, who’s still super jealous, gives her impossible tasks which Psyche accomplishes with help from various gods. In the end, Aphrodite accepts Psyche’s love for Eros and the two are reunited and live happily ever after. The End.

Yeah, I just told you the story, but really, you could read it anywhere so it’s not like I dished out spoilers. Spoilers would be if I revealed all the added details of how I’m writing it.

So what do you think of the covers? #1-4, please comment with your opinion.


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