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Psyche – a Myths of Olympus novella – RELEASED!

My newest novella, Psyche, is now available on Amazon for 99 cents!! I’m so excited about this because it was so fun to write and, not so very deep down, I’m a sucker for romance. This novella tells the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros.

Love isn’t always easy. Life doesn’t fall into place to suit your love. Sometimes you meet someone and fall in love and nothing stands in the way so you get married (if you want to). Other times, you love someone whom you can’t marry for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, perhaps it’s a job thing, perhaps it’s a location thing. Whatever the reason, you can’t stay with the person you care about so you part ways never to see the other person again. Your lives are too different.

Other times, you’ve somehow incurred the wrath of a goddess and, well, you’re screwed.

psyche-1Psyche is a beautiful maiden reaching the end of her cultural prime. She is flattered and worshiped by men everywhere, but has never received an offer of marriage and despairs she ever will.

Eros is the god of love. He lives to inspire love between mortals and give them their “happily ever afters” but has yet to find his own goddess with whom he can share eternity.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Eros’ mother, is jealous of Psyche’s beauty and the love she inspires in mortal men. For this reason, she sends Eros to punish Psyche by making her fall in love with a hideous beast. When Eros sees her, however, he falls in love and risks his mother’s wrath by taking the mortal for his wife.

When a foolish act of doubt separates them, Psyche must gather her courage and find strength to fight for their love and reunite them once more.

This standalone novella is the first book in the Myths of Olympus series. Be forewarned that it is not suitable for people under 18 due to a sex scene (it is touching on the Romance genre after all).

Psyche by Kathryn St. John is currently available on Amazon for 99 cents ($0.99).

Reviews are GREATLY appreciated!!

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Psyche – Coming February

Editing is almost done. It’s pretty easy with this story considering I knew exactly what I wanted to write. Of course, tweaking is always necessary to get rid of superfluous sentences, correct inconsistencies, and fix typos. That doesn’t take all that long though so 2 days into editing and I’m already over halfway. Yay! My goal is to be finished by Friday and publish on February 1st.


Psyche will be released February 1st, 2017!

Yay! Cheers all around!

Here’s the cover:


It hasn’t changed much from when I introduced it as a cover choice before. I liked it quite a bit already and only changed the size of the font and the placement of my name/series title.

Again, I can’t take credit for the picture. It came from Comfreak on Check out his page if you’re interested in seeing more of his work. He has some awesome graphics!

Be sure to pick up your copy of Psyche when it comes out February 1st! It’ll be selling for $0.99. Just 99 cents.

Psyche by Kathryn St. John.

February 1st, 2017.


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Nearing the end

I’m reaching the end of Psyche. Whew! It’s been quite enjoyable writing it so far. I’m glad I started it way back when as a way to take a break from the sequel to Night’s Treasure. Honestly, I’m not really sure where I’m going to go after I’m done with Psyche. Currently I’m content to focus on this novella so that I can finish it…and finish it on time.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get 2 books published this year. Obviously Psyche would be the first. For Greek mythology books, I have a bit of a list.

  • Shadow’s Strength (NT sequel)
  • Poppy’s story (no title yet)
  • Arachne (Myths of Olympus)
  • Persephone (Myths of Olympus)
  • Medusa (Myths of Olympus)

Medusa is still a maybe. I’ll think about her later when I’ve done the others.

But then there’s also my Norse mythology project:

  • Ildri’s Worth

That’s the first book. I had planned to make it a trilogy with each book standing on its own. But first, of course, I’d have to finish the first book. While Norse mythology holds a super special place in my heart, I’m not as familiar with it and the culture so that series has proven rather difficult to plot out. Still, my inner self is fairly itching to complete it so I can revel in that side of me.

And then there’re the horror stories that are dying to come out as well and the miscellaneous stories that I like to toy with every now and then.

Instead of getting shorter, my writing list seems to be getting longer! I can’t seem to write fast enough to keep up with everything. Maybe now that I’m writing every day again and once more serious about it, I’ll be able to get through my list faster.

Still, it’ll be a tough choice figuring out what title to do next after I’m done with Psyche. I’ll probably move back to Shadow’s Strength in order to finish Sophy’s story. Then I’ll have the dubious pleasure of figuring out which one to move on to again.

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Winter Break Slogging

psyche-promo-1My son’s been out of school on winter break for almost 2 weeks now. Only a little bit longer and I can enjoy peace and quiet once more. I stopped writing for the holidays because we were away from home visiting my parents for Christmas and then when we were home it was both my hubby and my son with me so no real computer time for me.

I managed to finally get some writing done on Sunday because I had to forcibly tell my husband that I needed the computer for writing. So he casually asked, “How many copies did you sell with that last book?”

“Not many, but that’s not the point. No one knows me. I need to get more books out there and get word out that I exist.”

So he picked up National Geography and proceeded to read out loud to himself and then to talk to himself (loudly) in the kitchen with not-so-subtle hints directed at me until I put on headphones and turned on some wordless music from a Halloween playlist. I zoomed along after this because it drowned out both males and allowed me to get in a groove.

Today wasn’t so easy with my son playing a game in the background and constantly saying, “Mom! Look at this!” But at least that was my only distraction so I was able to get my minimum written.

Everything is back on schedule and looking good! If I keep to my minimum (and I always sit here until I do) I should finish the book long before this month is over. Then editing and everything should be ready to go by Valentine’s Day!