Winter Break Slogging

psyche-promo-1My son’s been out of school on winter break for almost 2 weeks now. Only a little bit longer and I can enjoy peace and quiet once more. I stopped writing for the holidays because we were away from home visiting my parents for Christmas and then when we were home it was both my hubby and my son with me so no real computer time for me.

I managed to finally get some writing done on Sunday because I had to forcibly tell my husband that I needed the computer for writing. So he casually asked, “How many copies did you sell with that last book?”

“Not many, but that’s not the point. No one knows me. I need to get more books out there and get word out that I exist.”

So he picked up National Geography and proceeded to read out loud to himself and then to talk to himself (loudly) in the kitchen with not-so-subtle hints directed at me until I put on headphones and turned on some wordless music from a Halloween playlist. I zoomed along after this because it drowned out both males and allowed me to get in a groove.

Today wasn’t so easy with my son playing a game in the background and constantly saying, “Mom! Look at this!” But at least that was my only distraction so I was able to get my minimum written.

Everything is back on schedule and looking good! If I keep to my minimum (and I always sit here until I do) I should finish the book long before this month is over. Then editing and everything should be ready to go by Valentine’s Day!



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