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May Wonders

I missed the April update because I was still waiting to be updated. hehe But now that May’s here, I have more than the single announcement I had been waiting for! Let’s start with the initial one, shall we?

Do you remember back in March I announced my fantasy short story The Birth of the Weavers had been accepted into Sea of Secrets: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology? Well, it now has a release date! Yay!

Sea of Secrets: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Publisher: Dragon Soul Press

Ebook: $4.99

Description: Dive into Sea of Secrets—a multi-genre anthology featuring creatures from the deepest depths of the ocean, lakes, and rivers alike. Here you will find tales of krakens, sirens, dragons, pirates, and witches.
There is something for everyone in this anthology ranging everywhere from romance, happily-ever-afters, young adults coming of age, but especially horror, chaos, and loss.
Enter the deep at your own risk today.

Featuring: A.M. CumminsStephen HerczegAntonio Gonzalez-RodriguezMelinda KucseraWinter LawrenceSofi LaporteZoey XoltonVonnie Winslow CristGalina TrefilArchit JoshiJo SeysenerMeg BoeppleA.R. JohnstonV.P. AllasanderLayne CalryAditya DeshmukhKathryn St. John, and D.S. Durden.

While the ebook is currently available for preorder, the paperback won’t be available till the release. It’s less than a month away though. I don’t know about you, but I’m patient. I can wait.


Second bit of news just as exciting as the first!

My horror alter ego wrote another short story which was accepted into…drum roll please…

Terror in the Shadows Volume 4 from Scare Street! Yes, you read that right. The same Scare Street that I’ve been fangirling over for the last 2-3 years will be publishing one of my stories. I am so freaking excited!!!

Terror in the Shadows Volume 4

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Publisher: Scare Street

Ebook: 99c ($0.99)

Paperback: $14.99 (I’m assuming. It’s not listed yet because it’s currently unavailable)

Description: A romantic getaway turns to a horrific ordeal when evil falls from the stars. A terrified young woman is stalked by a grim specter in the form of man’s best friend. A beleaguered wage slave discovers that playing with toys at work can have deadly consequences…

Scare Street’s team of horror authors brings you twelve delightedly macabre morsels of terror in this new, spine-tingling collection. Indulge yourself in a delicious feast of chilling nightmares and dark fantasies.

Each tale will leave you craving another taste of fear. But beware. You may think you have an appetite for darkness…

But the things that lurk in the shadows have an appetite for you, as well.

Featuring: Ron RipleyA. I. Nasser , Sara Clancy , David Longhorn , Sharon M. White , Julia Grace , Arwa Hezzah , Anna Sinjin

Amazing lineup! My contribution is entitled: Working Late. It’ll make you think twice about staying late at work. Your hours end at 5 pm? Go home at 5 pm. Don’t stay late.

Just don’t.

Scare Street’s release dates seem to be pretty tentative, so there is every likelihood that this book will come out sooner than expected. Keep an eye open for it. But for 99c, I don’t see why you’d bother waiting for the release. Just go and preorder it!