Short Stories

Rapunzel<published in DM du Jour> short story retelling of Rapunzel fairytale. Generations after Rapunzel’s original imprisonment in the tower, a prince travels to her rescue only to be met with a surprising twist on his expectations.

Ghostly Visit<published in October 2013 Issue (Paranormal World) of IdeaGems> flash fiction of a ghostly encounter in the middle of the night. <I removed the link because it no longer works – magazine is out of print>

The Mountain Prison<submission process> flash fiction of nightmarish mountain prison

Terror in the Dark<submission process> short story of a young girl who sees nightmarish creatures from fairy tales

The Cursed Mirror – <submission process> short story about a cursed mirror


2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. And now to flesh out your ideas. Think about your ideas, one at a time and let them evolve into a story. That’s the joy of writing. Next time you stop by my blog, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you, new friend.

    1. Those stories were finished a long time ago and, while it says they’re still in the submission process, that’s just because I didn’t get them published. I got busy with other things and stopped submitting them early on. They’re still sitting around because I’m procrastinating looking up magazines and starting the whole process again. ^_^; lol And I also have a feeling I can make that Terror in the Dark story better if I rethink it long enough and I don’t want to put the thought into it right now because I’m in the midst of writing something else. My brain doesn’t like switching between projects. If it does switch, the projects never get done. >_<

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