NIGHT’S TREASURE – <published – 12/1/16>

Cover Art by MethyssART

New Adult fantasy, complete at 75,000 words.

For Sophy, an unloved and unwanted demigod, happiness seemed an impossibility until one night when she made a deal with the god of death and was flung into a dangerous world of ancient gods and unknown possibilities.

Forced to please her manipulative brother, Sophy makes a deal with Thánatos: herself as Death’s bride for her brother’s immortality. Doing so unearths the family she dreamt of having, but in order to join them in Tartarus she must first gain immortality and she must do it on her own.

Powerful gods intent on their own selfish plans are determined that she bend to their will and give up her quest and her betrothed. She’ll need all of her power over light along with a fair amount of luck in order to survive and not end up a plaything of the gods.


Shadow’s Strength – <currently writing>

New Adult fantasy, incomplete.

A continuation of Sophy’s journey as she struggles to survive in a world of dangerous and cunning gods. Angry at being preyed upon and tired of being weak, Sophy seeks out Hecate, goddess of magic and witchcraft. But the dark lady isn’t willing to work for free and sends her on a quest to retrieve certain things for her. If Sophy succeeds, she’ll be granted the power of a goddess and the opportunity to give justice to those deserving.

As her journey progresses though, she wonders if she’s seeking justice or desiring vengeance.


My Grandfather’s House<currently writing>

Horror, incomplete.

Em and her brother, Freddy, travel to their grandfather’s house for their father’s funeral. The plan is to fix up the house, sell it, and forget the past. But something in the house won’t let Em forget. It wants her to know everything. It wants to add her and her brother to its macabre history. Em must discover the truth behind her grandfather and she must do it soon before she and her brother succumb to the evil that still lives in her Grandfather’s House.


Trick Or Treat<complete>

Horror, complete at 80,000 words, editing.

Laughter turns to screams and fun turns to fright as a Halloween party goes horribly wrong. A group of friends anticipate a fun and spooky night, but a supposedly rigged séance has shockingly real effects. Though they try to stay together, the house betrays them and continually changes to separate and confuse them. A killer ghost lurks in the shadows, waiting for unsuspecting victims to stumble into its midst. But they’ll find that that isn’t the worst of what toys with them. But how can they stop what they don’t understand? And time and lives are running out…


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